El Presidents Fav DTL Devices

El Presidents Fav DTL Devices

As we mentioned in the article about MTL devices (for those of you that have not read it MTL is short for Mouth to lung), located here if you want to read, Direct to Lung (DTL) is a different type of vaping and has an abundance of options. Vaping has only been in existence for about 10 years, and in that time the technology has rapidly advanced from basic through to high end, and mechanical mods. Whilst a lot of the devices, tanks and RDA’s are manufactured in China there are some that are made in other countries like the USA and Korea, however these also come with a hefty price tag. The president loves gadgets and limited release options but can not always get a hold of these and with the surge in goods manufactured in China the standards have come a long way and I’m happy to have goods from there.

Direct to lung is all about inhaling directly into your lungs, so no holding it in your mouth. It is essential how we normally breathe. To an ex-smoker this may not be the desired effect as a cigarette is MTL. Direct to lung is more commonly used by people already vaping as it can make new vapers or those looking to make the switch cough due to the different in MTL vs DTL.

DTL vaping and the devices need a different type of e-liquid: 70/30 or 80/20 VG/PG which relates to the e-liquids viscosity as it is thicker on DTL devices.

Devices that are DTL often have all the bells and whistles these days with everything from top filling tanks, adjustable airflow, and a mod that can adjust the wattage or temp control.

Here are some of our top devices:

Innokin Proton

One of our favourite brands is Innokin due to its reliability and low price, this is especially true with the Innokin Proton. It is a high performance 235-watt box mod device with a joystick style selector, 1.45 inch TFT colour screen and ergonomic side firing panel. The device has temperature control and adjustable airflow for the tank which provides a more controlled and streamlined user experience.

It is fitted with a sub-ohm 3.5mL SCION II tank and Plexus coils which supposedly lasts longer than regular coils. In layman terms the 3.5mL allows enough liquid to fill day tank for a whole day of vaping for most people, standard tank sizes are usually 2-2.5mL. The sub-ohm tank to put it simply produces substantial more vapour than coils that operate above 1ohm. This is obviously beneficial for cloud chasers whom are vapers who are looking to create larger and denser clouds. The benefit of these devices is if you want more discreet vapour production you can easily swap out the tank for a different one.

It is recommended you use an external 18650 battery charger with the correct amperage and c-tick settings.

SMOK Priv M17

Smok’s newest player in the DTL game is the Priv M17. This mod is ergonomical with a sleek, stylish and modern design. It has a big lateral firing button that makes it very convenient to use, the only draw back is the 1200mAh battery and 2mL tank size, however it is designed to be small so there is no getting around this.

The biggest benefit with going with this is you can charge it from any <1 AMP USB port as it uses an internal battery, you will not need to invest in an external battery and 18650 battery which will set you back another $30 (PS, which is the cost of this little device). This device is great for beginners, people who want to try vaping or as an fashion accessory due to the 9 different colours it comes in.

Vaporesso Armour Pro is an amazing mid-range 100W TC kit for beginners and more experienced users alike. TC means temperature control and allows the user to as the name suggests, control the temperature providing us a more precise user experience. It has a massive 0.96 inch colour screen which displays necessary information such as resistance, wattage, voltage, battery life and type of coils.

This device has the same chip set as the same OMNI Board 4.0 chipset as the Vaporesso Polar and integrates an Insta-firing feature allowing the device to fire within 0.002 seconds.

The best part about this kit would hands down be the Cascade Baby tank and its slide-n-fill system and the plug-pull style coil changing method. This makes it super easy to refill and change the coil which may be a slight hassle in other devices.

Innokin’s tried and tested player in the DTL game would be the Innokin Kroma A. This pocked sized device is the new and improved version of the original Kroma and shares some of the same functionality such as it being a 75W device, a 2000mAh battery and temperature control. The have paired this device with the spanking new Crios 4mL subohm tank allowing it produce bigger clouds and hence more flavour. Air flow is provided by three bottom airflow slots which is controlled by a ring, this paired with an easy top fill tank features makes the device extremely easy to use and convenient.

The first thing that strikes me when I see the Vaporesso Swag would be its solid build quality and compactness. Most people associate compact mods with worse performance in other areas such as power and battery life, but this little mod doesn’t have many compromises. It has a retro-style battery cap which I first mistaken for a rotating control knob as it fit into the design aesthetic that well. The plastic coating again fits well into its compact yet badass theme, felt great and melded well with its ergonomic design.

It uses a single 18650 battery and is powered by the OMNI board 2.0 chipset, allowing it to fire relatively fast and with a bunch of useful features like temperature control, smart battery charging (although we do recommend using an external battery charger), bypass heating as well a useless little clock.



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