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SVRF 60ml

70/30 VG/PG


| BALANCED (Coconut & Cream)

Crack open a coconut and taste the silky smooth pulp, blended with a rich combination of creams, that bring out a tropical feel. The subtle flavours of coconut are deliciously intertwined with the rich creamy body, that will have you wondering why all your vape juice is already gone.


| REFRESHING (Papaya, Mango, Cantaloupe)

Take in the luxurious sweetness of papaya that seems to just melt away in your mouth. Relish the tropical mango flavours that provide a complementary sweet and sour kick. Delight in the subtle, yet tantalizing, sweet body of cantaloupe. Refreshing delivers on this trio of amazing flavours that you'll be sure to vape, time and time again!


| REVIVE (Blueberry & Lime)

Take in the complex aroma of wild blueberries; sweet, sour, and slightly floral. Then, add in a tart kick of limes to perfectly complement the blueberry's complexity. This sweet and sour e-liquid will dance around your taste buds and bring you back to life. The perfect vape juice for summer days, and any day of the week.


| SATISFYING (Raspberry & Dragonfruit Iced Tea)

The sweetness of dragon fruit, or pitaya, melds with the bold flavour of iced tea; creating a body of flavour that is simply impossible to put down. The body of flavour is cut through with a kick of raspberry, that brings out an amazing combination of flavours. Try out this one of a kind vape juice flavour today!


| STIMULATING (Chilled Berries & Lychee)

They've chilled the flavours of five different berries, with the exotic taste of lychee. This unique fruit blend is a delicate tight-rope of various sweet and sour flavours, with just a hint of menthol. SVRF delivers another spectacular blend of flavours, enjoyed around the world. Come join the party with this best selling vape juice!