Google and YouTube is your best friend for handling most of life’s problems, and this includes vaping! 

Despite this, we have compiled a guide to make it easier for you to deal with common issues.



This is the most common issue and in most cases is due to user fault. Here are some tips to help you out.

  1. Do not overfill the tank
  2. Do not overtighten
  3. Check your o-rings and seals - replace or clean if needed
  4. Keep your tank vertical when not in use
  5. Change the coil: In some instances, the coils will have slight manufacturing flaws which prevent it from forming a seal. Most of the time this will resolve leaking issues.
  6. Make sure the wattage range settings and coil types are correct
  7. Clean your tank
  8. Use appropriate e-juice
  9. Empty tank before getting on a plane or put the tank in a separate zip lock bag



  1. Change the coil: Sometimes the coil is faulty or not calibrating with the device, this usually resolves most cases. 
  2. Check the coil is tightened properly, again a failed connection will be no vapour production.
  3. Check the 510 pin connection: ensure the 510 tank pin connector has a proper connection with the mod or is not damaged.
  4. Test the device with another tank: we want to eliminate the possibility of it being a faulty tank
  5. Check the device setting: most devices have multiple different modes, please make sure the mode matches your coil type. Have a look in your device manual to see how



  1. Make sure the battery is charged. If you have external batteries make sure they are inserted the correct way.
  2. Use a different charging cable: In some occasions, the cable is faulty and thus preventing the battery from charging
  3. Change your batteries if you have a removable battery mod
  4. Make sure the liquid doesn’t not seep into the mod
  5. The mod is set to stealth mode: Some devices have this mod in which the screen is turned off despite the device being on, giving it the illusion that it is not turning on. Refer to the user manual to turn this feature off


SPIT BACK (ie. spitting hot e-liquid instead of producing vapour)

  1. Change the coil: Most spit back issues are caused by flooded coils (too much liquid is absorbed in the coil, therefore it fires it out the mouthpiece) or when the coil is worn out (the coil is a consumable part)
  2. Wattage setting is too low: This can again flood your coil, if that is the case the coil will need to be changed.
  3. Do not overfill the tank
  4. Strong draws can cause hot liquid to come out of the vape, try to take slow and steady draws
  5. Check you ratio of VG and what is recommended for your tank
  6. Disconnect the tank/cartridge from device, with a paper towel on the holes, blow into the tank to exert the liquid from the middle of the chamber
  7. This can happen when you haven’t used your vape for a while. Simply point your vape away from you when you first fire up



  1. Lower wattage, it's simple, the higher the wattage the hotter the device will get. Try a lower setting suited to your coil
  2. You may have burnt the coil, change it
  3. Stop chain vaping



  1. Prime your coil after each use: if you don’t prime your coil you will be inhaling heated cotton, priming allows the e-liquid to soak into the cotton first.
  2. Wait 5-10 minutes before vaping when filling your tank, this ensures the cotton has enough time to absorb the liquid
  3. Reduce your wattage setting: ensure your wattage setting is within the recommended range of the coil
  4. Stop chain vaping: this ensures the cotton is always saturated with liquid. 



  1. Try another tank or mod to pinpoint where the problem is coming from
  2. Clean your contact points
  3. Reseat your coil, it may not be inserted properly
  4. Do not overtighten the tank on the mod as this may damage your 510 center pin and void the warranty
  5. Change the coil



Please take extreme care when handling batteries. Misuse can result in serious injury, damage to property and death. Vape Nation accepts no responsibility or liability for the misuse of batteries.

  1. Keep batteries away from any source of heat or direct sunlight
  2. Ensure the plastic wrapping is fully intact, ie. no chips or exposures
  3. Keep the battery in a protective case when not in use
  4. Ensure the batteries positive and negative terminals are correctly positioned
  5. Do not keep batteries not in protective cases in pockets, as loose change meeting the terminals can cause sparks
  6. Ensure it is charged with a device that has the correct amperage and c-tick
  7. Do not charge the mod on a phone charger or high amp charger
  8. Ensure the battery does not come in contact with liquid
  9. Do not overcharge as this will reduce the life of the battery

It is highly recommended that you charge the batteries with a trusted external battery charger with the correct amperage and c-tick certification. Some recommended brands are Efest, Nitecore, Samsung, Sony, Golisi, and LG.