El Presidents Fav MTL Devices

El Presidents Fav MTL Devices

You or some people may think vaping is “just a fad, or it is too new and hasn’t been tested – it will not stay for long”. Well vaping is here to stay and has been around for about 10 years now and in that time, we have seen the industry grow due to all the new, and funky technology advancements. Vaping started out with disposables, which are still around, and then started to move into two main categories: Mouth to Lung (MTL) and Direct to Lung (DTL). This article will look at MTL and explain what it is.

As the name suggests mouth to lung (MTL) vaping is when you take the vapour to your mouth first before your lungs. Think of it like smoking a traditional cigarette and designed to give a similar drawback and throat hit. I started out with MTL and recommend all people looking to make that switch start with this, let’s be honest – it is what you are used to.

Another thing I recommend is starting out with a menthol or a tobacco flavoured juice as this is again what you are used to. If you want to try a fruity flavour or something else then go for a food or drink you normally like, but be warned, some can be too sweet to start out with as you are most likely used to a harsher taste.

Traditionally MTL devices were pen style, but we are now starting to see some that are in the mod design – Pen Style is like a pen, whilst mod style is more boxy in design

MTL is always in the low wattage range, and between 10watts through to 20 watts…anything over this is considered as direct to lung due to the different user experience and intensity.

So, getting to it – The presidents fav MTL devices are…drumroll:

Innokin T18 and T22

Both are set at 14 watts with a singlee button to control, and easy to use with a top-fill system. The only difference is the size of tank and battery. The T18 has a 1000mAh and the tank is 2.5ml, whilst the T22 has a 2000mAh and a 4ml tank. This means you will get longer battery life from the T22 and won’t need to top up so often. A final consideration is the size difference and what your preference is. An added feature is they take the same coil!

There have been used in a range of Australian clinical trials to evaluate whether they are effective in a smoking cessation tool. If fancy scientist and researches are using this for their studies, then you know they must be tried and tested.

You can grab this device from here

Next up, is another Innokin device (makes you think they are onto something right).

Innokin Kroma Zenith

After the success of the Kroma with slipstream tank and the Kroma-A (both Direct to Lung Devices) , Innokin came out with a new tank that could be used  on this device: The Zenith Tank, a mouth to lung tank. One thing we love about it is the fact you can use this device for MTL and if or when you are ready to transition to DTL you can simply swap it from a DTL tank, no strings attached. There is no need for a new device as the Kroma will work between 6 to 75w and has a built in added feature called Temperature Control, which as the name suggest allows you to change the temperature it vapes at. We won’t be going into too much detail about this feature, but think of it as another way to control your gadget.

You can grab this device from here

Lucky 3rd is the Innokin JEM.

This is also called the Goby in some countries…just to make life and finding replacement parts all that more fun! It’s got the same size battery as the T18, with a 1000mAh internal battery, and has 5 super easy level options to choose from between 10w through to 13.5 watts. The tank is 2ml and also had the top-filling system which is again great for all users due to convenience. One of the added features is the adjustable airflow on the tank. Changing the airflow (and / or wattage) can affect the throat hit and draw back for each individual user. Designed for flavour and MTL vaping this device is super tiny and will fit in the smallest of bags, and not bulge out pockets. Perfect for men and women! Have I mentioned its super sleek and modern design, it will definitely pair well with the latest fashion trends.

You can grab this device from here

Next we move onto another device that’s super small and tiny, the Joyttech eGo AIO ECO kit.

This takes advantage of an easy to use top fill tank system, but its main drawback is the small battery life which is just 650mAh. Depending on the vaper and factors such as intensity and frequency of the hits this will last anywhere from a few hours to a full work day. The device is however normally cheap at less than $30.00 from most trusted Aussie vape shops.

Lastly, the hardest point to state to as there are so many reputable and reliable MTL devices. Instead of choosing a fifth and final option, I will reel off a few devices and readers can look into these as they please: Aspire Zelos with Nautilus Tank, Innokin T20-S, Innokin Ez.Watt, Aspire Breeze 2 AIO, and the Vaporesso Nexuz AIO…just to name a few.

Thanks for reading guys, as always happy vaping!

-The President of Vape Nation

Feel free to contact me at thepresident@vapenation.com.au


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