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Nicotine Information

Nicotine Information:

The sale and supply of nicotine inAustralia is currently illegal. It can however be imported for personal use. We do notsupply, sell, gift nicotine or any products with nicotine.

The use of nicotine is illegal in some states. It is up to the customer to check which laws regulate theirjurisdiction.

Nicotine Storage:

Store nicotine in a cool, dark and dry areaensuring the container is clearly labelled and with a childproof cap. Nicotine is poisonous when ingested, swallowed or spilled, extraprecaution is required when handling it.

Nicotinedeteriorates overtime, it is recommended to keep in the freezer to preserveits lifespan.

How much nicotine do I put in?

This depends on your strength of your nicotine and the target strength you want to achieve.We will soon have a handy nicotine calculator to help you with this.




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