Vaping Essentials 101

Vaping Essentials 101

Vaping essentials 101

General cleaning products: Cotton buds and paper towels are your best friend. These are essential in cleaning up spillage and the insides of your tank.

Spare batteries: Having fully charged batteries means you have the option of swapping out dead batteries and you’re ready to vape!

Battery case/box: Having spare batteries on hand is great, however having them freely dangle in your pocket is a battery safety hazard. These cases are designed to fit your batteries perfectly and are cheap.

Vape gear bags: A comfortable way to carry around your mod, e-juices, any spare coils, batteries and any other accessories that is both leak proof and secure. (Only use this bag if you have enough vape knowledge) (kidding)

DIY Coil building carry case: Designed to hold all your spare wires, cotton or any other RDA essentials, will make your life a lot easier.

Needle-less syringe/pipette: This makes it extremely easy to spike your 0mg nicotine e-liquid with the exact nicotine measurements you need. Just pop down to your local pharmacist and they should have it for cheap.

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