The benefits of rebuildables (RDA, RDTA, RTA)

The benefits of rebuildables (RDA, RDTA, RTA)

As if vaping wasn't already cheaper than smoking cigarettes! Using a rebuildable atomiser doesn't only give you maximum flavour, it is much more cost efficient for heavy vapers and allows more customisation to your vape experience.

The differences between an RBA, RDA, RDTA, RTA:

  • RBA (rebuildable atomiser) - Primarily used for sub-ohm tanks that allow a rebuildable deck without having to get a completely different atomiser. It usually replaces the threaded bit that you screw a new coil onto.
  • RDA (rebuildable dripper atomiser) - Allows you to easily access your coil and wick and drip liquid directly from the drip tip. Usually requires 1 or 2 coils for maximum flavour and vapour production. Most commonly used amongst vapers that enjoy switching up their flavour from time to time.
  • RDTA (rebuildable drip tank atomiser) - The same architecture of an RDA with an added chamber underneath the build deck to hold a tank of liquid that feeds upwards the wick towards the coil. Most commonly used amongst vapers that enjoy the flavour blast and vapour production of an RDA that typically enjoy one flavour at a time, but allowing a drip of any flavour at any time.
  • RTA (rebuildable tank atomiser) - Very similar to a traditional sub-ohm tank, but with the customisation of building your own coil and changing your wick whenever you please. Most commonly used  amongst vapers who enjoy one flavour at a time and want to be able to hold more liquid in the tank chamber throughout the day.

A few things the typical rebuildable-style vaper keeps handy:

  • Wire and/or pre-made coils
  • Cotton (typically called wick)
  • Tool kit consisting of pliers, wire cutters, ceramic tweezers, phillips head screwdriver, flat head driver

Ways a rebuildable atomiser is much more cost efficient:

  • Whether you have wound up your own coils or have installed pre-made coils, coils can last up to 3 months if cleaned frequently under water and burning of residue from juices. A pair of coils or a spool of wire can cost anywhere between $10 - $30 depending on the metal material, length, and quality.
  • Just like a traditional sub-ohm coil, the cotton can turn a dark colour when overused and deteriorating. Cotton is recommended to be changed every 3-5 days depending on the sweetness of juice and power the coil is emitting. Cotton packs can cost anywhere between $8 - 15 depending on the style of process, quantity/length, and quality.

All in all, the spending of maintaining a rebuildable atomiser can be as low as $2 per week!

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