I just purchase my first kit, what are some can and can't dos?

I just purchase my first kit, what are some can and can't dos?

Congratulations, you just made your first step to a healthier lifestyle!

Most starter kits comes with an instruction manual due to every starter kit being different to the other, but sometimes doesn't exactly explain what you can and can't do with your device.

Before you do anything, study your device. There are (1) mod/atomiser kit and (2) pod kits.

1. Mod/Atomiser Kits

Disassemble it completely. Unscrew the atomiser (tank) from the mod (battery).

The atomiser will be where all your vape experience comes from. Disassemble the tank - airflow ring, glass, coil, drip tip. Make sure when you put it back together that everything is threaded finger-tight so you're able to get it all apart when you need to change the coil. PRIME YOUR NEW COIL! This means anywhere you can see cotton, from the top center of the coil and all along the sides of the coil, just drip the liquid onto each bit. Just one drop each section.

The mod is where all your power will come from. Study the modes and settings; wattage, temperature control, and adjust it accordingly.

Before filling up your tank with your e-liquid or even putting it back onto the mod, make sure you set the mod at the lowest setting of your coils power setting (the wattage will usually be written on the coil itself for recommended usage).

After you've filled up your tank, take a few dry inhales from the drip tip with the airflow wide open. This will allow all the dry sections of the coil to be completely saturated with liquid. Keep inhaling until you can taste the juice or if it starts spitting into your mouth - that means it's been saturated enough!

Thread the tank back onto the mod, again make sure it's at the lowest wattage recommendation. Fire it up! After a few vapes at the lowest wattage and it tastes amazing, play around between the 2 recommended wattage settings. Find your sweet spot and enjoy!

2. Pod Kits

Disassemble it. Unlike a mod/atomiser kit, there will only be two components: the pod and the battery. Study both components. Some pods might have an OLED screen that allows you to adjust the wattage, some pods might have one button, some pods might not have a button.

If your pod has a screen with different types of settings, set the battery to the lowest wattage recommendation which is usually stated on the pod itself.

If your pod has one button, check the instruction manual to see whether it has 3-5 different power settings. If it doesn't, it's probably just there to allow you to power the battery on and off.

If your pod doesn't have a button at all, then there's nothing to worry about!

Fill up your pod with your desired e-liquid flavour! Before putting the pod back onto the battery, PRIME YOUR POD by taking a 5-10 dry inhales from the mouthpiece until you can taste the flavour.

Install the pod onto the battery and puff! If it taste a little dull or muted, take the pod out again and take 5-10 more dry inhales. Repeat if necessary. Some pods need more time to let the liquid soak into the cotton bits inside to give you the best experience.

All in all, PRIME YOUR NEW COIL OR POD! If you forget this process for every new coil or pod, you will get a dry hit, not have the best experience and put it away. Every coil and pod is made up of wire and cotton. The cotton absorbs the liquid and the wire heats up to vapourise the liquid. The thicker the juice, the longer it takes to saturate and prime.

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