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Nimbus Vapour

Three Leaf 60ml


| Three Leaf Gold

Three Leaf Gold is designed to replicate the taste of a light tailor-made ciggie. This is a robust and complex Baccy flavour with subtle ashiness. Perfect for transitional vapers looking for that familiar flavour.

| Three Leaf Red

Three Leaf Red is a bold and intense Baccy blend. Designed for vapers looking for an authentic ciggie taste with an ashy finish. Not for the faint of heart!

| Three Leaf Menthol

Three Leaf Menthol is a classic mild Menthol ciggie flavour. With a light Baccy profile and Icy Menthol finish, this flavour is sure to satisfy all Menthol cigarette enthusiasts.

| Three Leaf Caramel

Three Leaf Caramel is a rich and decadent Baccy blend, combining Caramel and Hazelnut with a backnote of Smoky Baccy. Goes amazingly with Coffee in the morning! 

| Three Leaf Chocolate

Three Leaf Chocolate is a semi-sweet Milk Chocolate flavour layered over a Nutty Baccy base.  Rich and flavourful, this is the perfect eliquid for Chocolate and Baccy lovers alike.

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