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STAX 120ml

70/30 VG/PG


Ahhhh the elusive Cola bottle flavour! We went to war with you and the battle was long and arduous, but we won, and victory tastes sweet!

| CVsTard

Vanilla and smoked Custard. A new challenger has arrived on the scene, and it means business.


Ain't nothing prickly about it! With a little extra sumfin sumfin.


Such a tease, so delectable. Mango Iced Tea, subtle, cool, sweet tea, juicy Mango.


Didn't know I could be so addicted to you, do you know what I mean, Peaches and Cream.


Nothing better than ducking out for a quick Smoko? You haven't had a bash on this juice then! Authentic and straight to the point!


Smash 'em, crush 'em and blend 'em. What do you get? A silky smooth Strawberry Milkshake that will have you salivating from every draw.


Remember Toffee Apples!? Yeah.


Forget 'Murica! This is Straya ripping it out from under yah with a cracker Apple Custard.


You will go Pineapples for this Mango ;)


This is what happens when the Watermelon paddy makes love to the Strawberry vines. So much taboo...