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Shijin 100ml


VG/PG: 85/15

Tortoise Blood - For a long time, there has been a big hype surrounding this flavour. Shijin Vapour prides Tortoise Blood as a definite favourite in the Vaping world. You will love the Tart Blue Raspberry and Green Apple with sweet Sherbet after tones. 

Tortoise on Ice - Shijin Vapour has taken the original Tortoise Blood Blue Raspberry Candy and Green Apple Sherbet, and added a cool blast of Menthol. 

Tortoise on the Rocks - With an interesting twist, now enjoy the Blue Raspberry and Green Apple Sherbet blended with Spearmint Bubble Gum. 

Dragon Cloud V2 - Fresh and hot Cinnamon Rolls with an icing glaze, topped with a scoop of creamy Vanilla Bean Ice Cream that melts on the tongue. 

Tiger’s Milk V2 - Ripe Peaches and Mangoes infused together for a perfectly refreshing slushy style ejuice. 

Phoenix Tears V2 - Straight out of the oven, you've got Fresh Sugar Cookies filled with Velvety Vanilla Custard, and a dollop of thick Cream and Fresh Strawberries. 





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