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Reds Iced 60ml


| Iced Apple

Iced menthol variant of the classic reds apple series.


| Iced Berries Apple

Delicious mix of their classic apple and mixed berries with a hint of icy menthol.


| Iced Grape Apple

Clean and chilly grape-scented clouds from the e-liquid of icy concord grapes promises to delight your vape taste buds for days!


| Iced Guava

Experience the tropical rain forest with this refreshing guava fruit. 


| Iced Watermelon Apple

Nothing beats a chilled watermelon on a hot summer's day, sink your teeth into crispy chilly watermelon-scented clouds.


| Iced Mango Apple

A rendition of sweet apple juice blended with fresh, juicy, mangoes and finished off with a menthol blast.


VG/PG : 30/70