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Marina Technology

Marina Classics Donuts 60ml


| Blueberry Donuts

Warm and gooey Blueberry frosted Donut, dunked into a glass of cold, Creamy Milk. 

| Strawberry Donuts

Fluffy and fresh Cinnamon Donut, sealed with a layer of Sugary glaze, and finished with Strawberry Jelly Icing in the middle. 

| Chocolate Donuts

On the inhale expect to taste creamy Milk Chocolate, and exhale the balanced flavours of milk and Cinnamon Donut. This juice is especially tasty in the morning with your Coffee! 

| Fruity Donuts

The classic Sugary Cinnamon Donut, with Fruity Cereal flakes on top for that extra crunch you need in your morning cereal. 

| Kronuts

Unlike any other, Kronuts themselves can impress anybody. In this ejuice you will taste the Croissant style Donut, the sugared Cinnamon that gets stuck to your lips and the Creamy Milk it's been dipped into before you take a huge bite and enjoy the combination of all these flavours together. 


70/30 VG/PG