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Kenji Style 60ml


| Lime Lemon

Sour Lemon and zingy Lime, sweetened and cooled to perfection for a refreshing vape all day long. A must have for all the Citrus vape lovers.

| Berry Kiwi
Sweet Berries and refreshing Kiwi for amazing balance of sweet and sour in one single bottle.

| Watermelon Lychee
Mouthwatering Watermelon and sweet Lychee, blended to perfection. A unique ejuice flavour for those looking for sweet and fresh tropical vape juice.

| Melondew
Sweet aromatic Honeydew Melon blended with a hint of refreshing Mint to create a Summer style ejuice that makes you want more and more. 

| Grape Mystery
Juicy Grapes and a hint of.…mystery. Try it yourself and feel the freshness with the new Kenji ejuice range.

| Berry Mix
A perfect mix of sweet Berries and icy cooling for a refreshing vape everyday. Irresistible Berry mix for all Berry lovers out there.
| Mango Guava
Sweet Mango slices, blended with fresh Guava to create tropical ejuice like no other. Feel summer in every puff.

| Bubblegum Splash
Fruity sweet and sour bubblegum.
| Candy Sours
Sour hard lollies with a splash of sweetness.

70/30 VG/PG

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