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Kenji 60ml


| Peach Lemonade

This delicious combination of peach and lemon will leave you coming back for more. This sweet flavour is sure to cater any individual.


| Grape Apple

A tasty combination of grape and apple. Described as a grape with a sweet apple aftertaste that will leave you coming back for more.


| Strawberry Lychee

An excellent mix of strawberry and lychee. So delightful that you will not regret it once you've tried it


| Mango Tropica

Mango combined with a mixture of mint and nice aromas of tropical fruit in order to make you feel refreshed after every puff


| Mango Blackcurrant

An authentic taste of sweet, ripe mango and freshly picked blackcurrants, infused together with a icy cold exhale


| Blackcurrant Mixberries

A very fine combination of blackcurrant and mixberries. This seductive flavour will grow on you and have you craving for more with every drag you take


| Orange Citrus

A refreshing orange flavour that can be enjoyed throughout the day. This flavour is outstanding with its very unique orange taste



PG/VG 30/70