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Just Tabac

Just Tabac 60ml


| Authentic

By far the most realistic cigarette-like flavour in the Just Tabac range. Nothing fancy, just a straight, strong tobacco.

| Mellow

A very mellow and enjoyable tobacco blend with a hint of savoury undertones. Not too strong or intense.

| Menthol

A fresh and minty menthol tobacco flavour.

| Robust

A smooth Cuban cigar with hints of vanilla; the ultimate blend.

| Savoury

A tobacco blend of nutty rum and an undertone of chocolate.

| Smooth

This flavour manages to cater to all tobacco lovers out there with its sensationally smooth tobacco blend.

| Smooth Menthol

A sensational smooth tobacco blend with a menthol kick!

| Strong

A true deep and dark cigar tobacco flavour.

50/50 VG/PG

Made in Australia