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Wick & Wire

Just Fruits 60ml


| Blackcurrant & Mango

Sure to tantalize the taste buds with notes of sweet Mango and the tart earthiness of Blackcurrants!

| Green Apple

Fresh, crisp and tart! Packed with Granny Smith Apple goodness and bursting with refreshing flavour! 

| Peach

Like drinking a tall glass of Peach Iced Tea. Full of the fresh taste of juicy Peaches picked straight from the tree. 

| Raspberry Jelly

A classic childhood treat, a true reminder of seeing that glorious wobble as it hit the dessert table. Packed with Raspberry combined with the sweetness of wobbly Jelly.

| Lychee & Blackcurrant

Sweet Lychee paired beautifully with earthy taste of Blackcurrant. These exotic flavours blend perfectly to give a refreshing taste of summer all year round.


70/30 VG/PG

Made in New Zealand