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Innokin EQ, 800mAh, 2.0ml


The EQ pod is the latest in Innokin’s pod lineup. This stylish lightweight packs a punch without all the hassle of carrying a chunky high-tech mod. It has an impressive 800mAh battery and a “boost” mode which bumps the wattage output to 15.5W.

The slim design allows it to easily fit into any pockets or purse and is perfect for on the go vaping or a night out as there is no messing around with coils. Just change the pod, refill and you are good to go, or even better carry around prefilled pods and just swap it out when you feel like a different juice! 



- Battery: 800mAh
Regular Wattage: 13.5W
Boost Mode : 15.5W
Pod Capacity: 2ml 
Coil: The 1st MTL Mesh Type Coil (0.5ohm)
- Ultra-compact All-in-One Design 
- Single One Button Design 
- Battery Life LED Indicator Light
- Vape While Charging 
- Adjustable Regular to Boost Mode 
- Large Heating Area
- Superior Flavour and Longevity
- Rapid Heat Diffusion Increases Coil Life 
- Protective Mouthpiece Cap 


Kit includes:

- 1 x Innokin EQ Pod System
- 1 x Empty EQ Pod Cartridge (pre-installed)
- 1 x Micro USB Cable 



Minor leaking from your pods is not uncommon during use and shouldn't persist under normal use by following suggested drawing tips. If your pod is leaking slightly, you can continue to use it, but wipe off the liquid before inserting back into your device. Leaking can occur when the liquid is pulled up into the air path due to one of the following reasons :
- Puffing aggressively on the mouthpiece - try puffing more gently. 
- Squeezing or biting the pod as you puff - relax your mouth on the mouthpiece.


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