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Fcukin' Flava

Fcukin' Flava Cream & Cloud 60ml


| Blue Label 

FF’s newest player in the cream series. Bring back your childhood memories of good ol’ cheesecake and the taste of grahams crust! Amazing!



| White Label

Classic desert combination of banana, strawberry and blueberry topped off with creamy vanilla ice cream and Fcukin’ Flava’s secret syrup. Try out this delicious combination!



| Red Label

One of the finest creations in the desert collection, a rich taste of creamy banana with a hint of hazelnut. Give this a chance to satisfy your taste bud!


| Yellow Label

This is a nice blend of butterscotch with creamy rich hints of vanilla. Give this brown sugar + caramel + vanilla + butter combination a shot!


| Honeydew BC

A delicate mix of honeydew juice and fresh blackcurrant, to bring you a delightful yet funking vaping sensation. Heaps of clouds in each puff!


| Ribena

Enjoy the taste of sweet Ribena? This is the perfect e-liquid to satisfy those cravings.


VG/PG 80/20