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Fcukin' Flava

Fcukin' Flava Cream & Cloud 60ml


VG/PG: 80/20

Blue Label  - Ah, the classic Vanilla Cheesecake with Biscuit Base. Simple, creamy and delectable. A must try from this line! 

White Label -  The perfect mix of juicy ripened Strawberries, fresh Blueberries and sliced Banana churned through thick Vanilla Ice Cream. 

Red Label - One of the finest creations in the dessert collection, rich smack of Creamy and Smooth Banana with an aftertaste of a few chopped Hazelnuts on the exhale.

Yellow Label - A juice to transport you back in time, sitting in your Grandparents living room unwrapping a Butterscotch lolly. You'll find notes of Rich Buttery Caramel, Vanilla and a sprinkle of Brown Sugar in this one - the kind of flavour that completely coats your tongue. 

Honeydew BC - An elegant combination of Honeydew chunks and Sweet Blackcurrants.

Ribena - Who wouldn't want to bring back memories of drinking Cold Ribena on a hot day? That refreshing Sweet Blackcurrant juice we all know and love. This flavour will allow you to do just that. Here's an idea, drinking Ribena and Vaping this juice at the same time! 





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