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Fcukin' Flava

Fcukin' Flava ADV Low Menthol 60ml


All your favourite Fcukin Flava juices, just with less menthol!

| Fcukin’ Munkey

Fcukin' Flava’s classic brings a sweet blend of Honeydew and subtle hints of Bubble Gum and Menthol to the table. 

| Freezy Pineapple

One of our personal favourites, this exotic bang of Fresh Pineapples and sweet menthol blast is perfect for a hot summers day. 

| Philippines Mango

The Philippine Mango is sweeter than the Mango we know in most parts of the world. You'll notice how juicy this flavour is the minute you smell it, and vaping on it is a whole other world. Mixed with a few Tropical fruits, and a slight hint of cooling too. You're really missing out if you don't give this one a go! 

| Freezy Mango

Do you love the sweet and sourness of an almost ripe Green Mango and that hit of menthol? Give this mango flavour a go! Mango and Menthol e-juice seem to go hand in hand.  

| Smashin’ Lemonade

Succulent Tangerines and Freshly made Lemonade mixed together creates a really awesome combination. It's zesty, citrusy, and juicy. Smash this in your tank and you'll be smashing the whole bottle in no time. 

| Strawberry Jello

This unique flavour brings out the rich aromas of Natural Ripe Strawberries, wobbly Jelly and a hint of menthol. 

| Frosty Hacks

Fresh, sweet and pleasant Minty cough lollies, the hard candy style. Plus the throat hit too! 

| Yummi Guava

Aromatic and Rich Pink Guava fruit, with that famous menthol blast straight through the middle of it.


70/30 VG/PG

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