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Fantastic Premium Series 60ml


Each Box includes a free bottle of "Fantastic Freezer" so you can add your desired level of extra cooling! 

| Strawberry

Enjoy the aromatic smell and the delicious taste of Strawberry passionately brewed to perfection, making this a favourite all day vape. 

| Mango

Ignite your taste buds to a new level with our Mango flavour. Feel the excitement as the juice bursts inside your mouth, just like eating a real life Mango Fruit in summer. 

| Grape

A flavour frenzy of Grapes. The notes of the Grape are so luscious you won't believe it. Lip smacking juice, definitely an ADV. 

| Orange

Feel refreshed with our zesty flavour of Citrus Orange. You will be delighted the second you vape this fresh juicy flavour. 

| Lemon Lime

Quench your thirst and feel the tang with our freshly made Lemon Lime juice. 


70/30 VG/PG