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Fantastic Premium Series 60ml

Each Box includes a free bottle of "Fantastic Freezer" so you can add your desired level of extra cooling! 

70/30 VG/PG


A flavour frenzy of Grapes. The notes of the Grape are so luscious you won't believe it. Lip smacking juice, definitely an ADV. 


Quench your thirst and feel the tang with our freshly made Lemon Lime juice. 


Ignite your taste buds to a new level with our Mango flavour. Feel the excitement as the juice bursts inside your mouth, just like eating a real life Mango Fruit in summer. 


Feel refreshed with our zesty flavour of Citrus Orange. You will be delighted the second you vape this fresh juicy flavour. 


Enjoy the aromatic smell and the delicious taste of Strawberry passionately brewed to perfection, making this a favourite all day vape.