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Ethos Vapors

Ethos Crispy Treats 60ml


Crispy Treats

Bubbly and Crunchy Rice Cereal held together with Sticky, Sweet  Marshmallow. You know what we're talking about! 

| Strawberry Crispy Treats

Rice Crispies with your favourite fluffy Strawberry Marshmallow. 

| Green Apple Crispy Treats

The ultimate in dessert juices, combining a crisp Green Apple and rice cereal bits with sticky Marshmallow. 

| Blueberry Crispy Treats

The latest creation from the exquisite line of crispy treats collection, supplemented with freshly picked, ripe Blueberries that balances out the gooey marshmallow base.

| Fruity Crispy Treats

Fruity pebbles mixed with the soft marshmallow base for the perfect cereal blend. 


75/25 VG/PG