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Cuttwood 120ml


Bird Brains

Fruity Cereal fresh out of the box, with a bowl of thick creamy milk. 

| Mr Fritter

Vape and enjoy the indulgence of a warm, flaky pastry with the balance of Caramelized Green Apples and Cinnamon Sugar Syrup. 

| Tobacco Trail

Mildly sweet Tobacco with a drizzle of Honey. 

| Mega Melons

The trifecta of Mango, Rockmelon, and Papaya creates this delectable combination of refreshing tropical essence. 

| Sugar Drizzle

A smooth and creamy Butter Cookie, with Cinnamon Dust. 

| Boss Reserve

Golden Honey Cereal, Fresh Bananas and Roasted Nut Clusters. All of that in a bowl of milk at your kitchen table. This juice goes really well with your morning coffee too! 

| Unicorn Milk

Creamy, thick and tasty as anything. The original and timeless Strawberry Milk by Cuttwood is still one of the best sellers in the world. 


70/30 VG/PG

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