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Marina Technology

Creme De La Creme 100ml


| Blueberry Creme

Vanilla creamy custard dessert infused with ripe blueberries, covered with caramelised sugar.

| Caramel Apple

Juicy green apple coated in sweet caramel.

| El Presidente

Tropical medley of pineapples, mangoes, passionfruit, and sweet peaches.

| Guava Fresca

Complementary fruit trifecta of guava, pineapple, and a touch of papaya.

| Strawberry Creme

Sweet vanilla cream with ripe strawberry chunks.

| Tabac Creme

Full-bodied tobacco blend with notes of dulce de leche, cinnamon, and butterscotch.

| Vanilla Creme

Vanilla bean and creamy custard topped with whipped cream.

| Watermelon Cotton

Fluffy cotton candy with a touch of watermelon.


70/30 VG/PG

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