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| Iced Jam Biscuits

Jam and Coconut iced short Biscuit. For a civilised vape break. 

| Apple Turnover

Crisp, light Pastry filled with warm Baked Apple, a hint of Cinnamon and sweet Whipped Cream. A traditional bakery favorite. 

| Dark 'N' Stormy

Refreshing Rum & Dry with a twist of Lime. 

| Watermelon Lemonade

A refreshing homemade Lemonade with luscious Watermelon and dash of Raspberry. The treat to beat the summer heat.

| Passionfruit Lemon Cake

A delicious, freshly baked Lemon cake with a light Passionfruit glaze. An excellent choice for an all day vape. 

| Pavlova

A delightful medley of Strawberry, Kiwi and Passionfruit on a bed of toasted meringue and rich cream. Sweet enough to satisfy every craving.


70/30 VG/PG