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Bangsawan Original Series 65ml


VG/PG: 70/30

Apple Grape -  Red Apple and Juicy Grapes. Putting these two fruits together is a combination of crispy and mouthwatering notes. 

Berry Punch - This mixed blend of berries and tropical punch is sour and flavourful. Extremely popular among vapers who prefer richer flavours all in one. 

Honeydew Pineapple - This honeydew and pineapple flavour takes you into a tropical rainforest with a gentle breeze. 

Mango Grape - Mango and Grape is the perfect juice for summer. Fruity, refreshing and mouth-watering. 

Orange Pineapple - Our classic Orange flavour is now paired with the sourness of pineapple to create a brand new experience for you. 

Strawberry Blackcurrant - A combination of sweet Strawberry and sour tart  Blackcurrant - a unique blend in itself. 

Strawberry Apple - Another intriguing and unique mix of Strawberry and Apple, offers a surprisingly sweet and fruity flavour. 





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