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Bangsawan Fruity Series 60ml

70/30 VG/PG



Who does not love Grape? We put our best effort to re-create a flavour that tastes exactly the same as the real grape. And might be better.



The invention that re-create the Honeydew taste that enhance the sweetness in this tropical fruit.



The freshness of Mango, brewed by our best brewer to tickle your taste buds.



We’ve transformed orange fruit which popular with their sour taste, to a sweet taste of Orange.



Imagine the pineapple on pizzas already? No, this one is so much better. We use a premium quality of raw material to form a great taste of e-liquid for you, to make it taste exactly like the original Pineapple like no other before!



Who does not love Strawberry? I’m sure you do too! Imagine all the red and fresh Strawberries are brewed to be a premium taste e-liquid.

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