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Marina Technology

Aqua Tobacco 60ml


The flavours featured in this line have been intensively crafted by artisan e-liquid mixologists with the goal of embracing the timeless experience of tobacco, translating that into an unforgettable juice. This line boasts the rich and full-bodied taste of tobacco while delivering a smooth vaping e-liquid. Rapid, Blast, and Hydra touch upon each classic type of tobacco flavour that smokers have known and loved for years.

| Rapid (American Red)

If you're looking for an e-liquid that embraces all the bold, natural, and full-bodied flavors of smooth American tobacco, look no further than Rapid. Rapid is an authentic recreation of the classic smoking experience.

| Hydra (Gold)

Hydra is a perfect blend of vanilla custard and tobacco. The key to this particular juice is the crafted balance between the two bold flavours. The experience will enlighten your taste buds with a burly tobacco inhale, and a rich vanilla cream on the exhale.

| Blast (Menthol)

Fresh, cool, and clean are the distinguishing characteristics of this menthol tobacco inspired flavour. The blast of minty notes compliment the bold tobacco tastes. 


70/30 VG/PG

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