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BLVK Unicorn Bold "Baccy" 60ml


BLVK Unicorn Bold "Baccy" series

  • Cuban "Baccy" - Blueberry crumble cake
    Inhale the rich and dark notes of a Cuban along with a slight hint of vanilla for one refined Cuban "Baccy" blend.


  • Pistachio "Baccy" - Juicy pear slices with milky coconuts
    A flue-cured classic flavour balanced by the earthy notes of pistachio and a light menthol kick.


  • Caramel "Baccy" - Blend of vanilla bean ice-cream with almond and hazelnuts
    Experience a smooth "Baccy" flavour skillfully blended with the refined notes of caramel

 VG/PG: 70%/30%