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24K Vaping Co

24K Vaping Co 60ml

70/30 VG/PG


| BELGIAN SEDUCTION (Waffles & Ice Cream)

Freshly baked Belgian Waffles draped in syrup and finished with a deliciously sweet Vanilla Ice Cream.

| GATSBY GOLD (Lychee, Citrus & Tropical Fruits)

A sensational tropical mouthfeel that screams class whilst delivering a vaping experience like no other flavour you've ever tried.

| KOOLIO (Raspberry, Mint, Gum and Menthol)

Sweet Raspberry, Bubblegum and subtle Mint and Menthol makes this flavour a perfect blend. 

| LUAU (Tropical Punch)

A Hawaiian Punch favourite with a perfect combination of Apple, Apricot, Guava, Orange, Papaya, Passionfruit and Pineapple.

| TORERO (Energy Drink & Cola)

A combination of Energy Drink super charged with Cola will most certainly get you up and running.

| PINK FLAMINGO (Cranberry, Citrus and Lemonade)

Juicy Cranberries are muddled with freshly squeezed Lemon and sparkling Mineral Water to bring you a refreshing flavour leaving you feeling as effervescent as the flavour itself. 

| ZHINU (Dragon Fruit, Peach & Assorted Berries)

Bring Zhinu and Niulang together again with this East meets West flavour of Dragon Fruit, Peach and assorted Berries.