What is a POD vape system?

What is a POD vape system?

What is a POD vape system?

In the past few months you may have heard the term POD or JUUL thrown around as they have been gaining popularity over the past few months. You are probably wondering what a pod system is and how is it different from a traditional e-cigarette?

It is essentially the middle ground between a simple pen vape and an expensive box mod and helps resolves two issues: the inefficiency and poor build quality of cheap vape pens, and the complexity with expensive box mods. The cartridge or pod contains all the necessary components required to produce the vapour, all you need to do is remove it from the box, pop the pod in and vape. Some pods are refillable and just require a simple e-juice refill such as the ones sold in Australia due to the nicotine ban. There is no fiddling around with coils, making sure you have the correct e-liquid and wattage settings for your vape.

A benefit of these pod system is the wider public appeal it has due to being incredibly easy to use while, some pod systems like the Juul are prefilled with higher quality e-liquids which appeals to vape enthusiasts. The ultra-small form factor along with most pods utilizing sub ohm coils is a massive step in quality and accessibility. It also allows users to vape e-liquids with nicotine salts at higher concentrations than regular freebase nicotine e-liquid, which delivers the same level of nicotine in traditional cigarettes without the harshness.  

Leaking is an issue that plagues every vaper, there has been countless times my jeans have been ruined by a leaking tank. Pod systems solve this issue and are relatively leak-proof especially when compared to traditional tanks, as they are prebuilt even with the refillable pods being airtight when closed properly.

We highly recommend the Innokin EQ  as it is refillable which allows you the bypass the Australian nicotine ban. Currently vendors are not able to sell pods prefilled with nicotine and filling your own pods allows you to fill it with nicotine eliquid.


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Just got myself one of those Innokin EQ Pods!
So far it’s super easy to use compared to the other stuff i’ve tried from tobacconists.
Would highly recommend!

Marie Kappatos

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