Vaporesso’s new anti-counterfeiting technology

Vaporesso’s new anti-counterfeiting technology

Vaporesso has now adopted laser anti-counterfeiting label to curb the influx of counterfeit products. With the rise in popularity of Vaporesso products, counterfeits have begun to perfectly imitate their authentic counterparts really and ride off Vaporesso’s brand influence. The authenticity sticker now has a V which changes position depending on the angle of the light.

The design of the counterfeit products are very similar to the appearance of authentic product however they lack the advanced internals therefore the safety and internal of Vaporesso products.

How to check for authenticity:

Step 1

Check the label directly by flipping the label under light with different angles, and you will see the positioning of the “V” change.

Step 2

Scratch the cover of QR code (For unopened packages, the cover of QR code should remain intact) and use your mobile to scan QR code to verify.


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