USB Type-C Fast Charging Benefits

USB Type-C Fast Charging Benefits

The evolution of USB connections has made your life so much easier whether your realise it consciously or not. Let's talk about the evolution of USBs...

In the mid 1990's, the first generation of USB A's and B's were designed and introduced at a data power transference rate of 100 mA and speed of 1-12 Mb/s.

By the time the new century of the 2000's came about, the USB Mini and USB Micro power transfer rate is increased to 500 mA with a high speed of 480 Mb/s. 

Fast forward to the release of USB-C in 2014, the power transfer rate is increased immensely to 3 A with a transfer speed of 10 Gb/s.


Currently, whenever your plug your vape via USB-C to charge, you typically wait 30 minutes, or up to a maximum of an hour. Can you imagine charging your vape at 12 MB/s? That would take hours, potentially an entire couple days!

The USB-C is a mindless act of connecting. Take a look at the older versions of USB, before USB-C came about...

The older generations of USB was designed to be input a certain way. Remember trying to plug in the Gamecube connector in and you had to peek behind the console to make sure you were connecting it the correct way? What a throwback and a hassle, all at once.

It doesn't matter how you plug your vape in with USB-C. Just insert and go. Talk about a massive benefit to making your life easier! Luckily most of our laptops, mobile devices, and vapes are fitted to be compatible with input AND output with USB-C.

Take a look at all our vape kits and mods that contain a USB-C connector and make your vaping life easier!

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