Guide to creating your own e-liquid recipes

Guide to creating your own e-liquid recipes

One of the most prohibitive cost of vaping is the e liquid, especially if you have a sub-ohm tank that will easily go through 20mL a day. Don’t worry you can start creating your own e-juices and reap in the cost savings.

To start off we need to explain what e-liquid is, to put things simply it is a mixture of Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), flavouring concentrates and optionally nicotine. Most commonly used concetrates may include Flavour Art, Flavour WestCapella and the widely celebrated The Flavours Apprentice (TFA). These chemicals may sound pretty dangerous, but they are all food safe and frequently used in a lot of food products. 



Mixing can be either done by weight or volume. When it is done by weight a vape juice calculator will need to be used as VG, PG, flavourings all have different weight per mL, kind of like how 10g of honey will not be 10mL.

Mixing by volume involves measuring by measuring out the volume using a set of syringes for each ingredient. We generally recommend mixing by weight as it is more accurate and creates less of a mess.


Equipment needed to create your own e liquid recipes

VG and PG: These will need to be mixed to a set ratio like 70% VG/30% PG or 50%VG/50%PG. The most common ratio is 70%VG/30% as it produces a balance of a little throat hit and clouds.

PG: Is a thin liquid that helps carry the throat hit and flavour of the concentrate

VG: is a thicker liquid that is naturally sweeter which produces huge clouds.

Water soluble flavour concentrates: This will help flavour your e-liquid, there are literally millions of different flavours when combined make interesting flavours. Some brands we recommend are The Flavour Apprentice (TFA), Capella, Flavour West and Flavour Art.

E-juice bottles: Buy a range of 10mL for early testing and 60mL for easy storage and access.



Nicotine: 100mg/mL in either VG or PG is recommended, keep in mind this is super toxic so wearing gloves and avoiding any contact on any part of your body is advised. Storing away from children and pets is also necessarily as accidental ingestion can cause death.

We recommend using this e-liquid calculator to quantify how much nicotine is required:


The following equipment depends on the mixing method you choose

Syringe: this will make mixing via volume easier; a range of syringes is advised. Larger 10-30ml syringes are recommended for VG and PG while 1mL is useful for flavour concentrates and nicotine.

Scale: this is required for mixing by weight, an electronic scale that measures down to 0.01grams is recommended.

Once you have acquired all the ingredients and equipment simply use a mixing calculator and start mixing!

Here is one we recommend:



Keep in mind most e-liquids will need to be steeped (put aside to rest) for a certain period to allow the flavours to come out. Usually desert or cream-based mixes will need close to a month to steep while fruity recipes need much less.



At Vape Nation, we encourages the sense of community by sharing feedback and ideas! Leave a comment below and show off your secret recipe and become an inspiration to others.

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